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Lip Gloss Collection


ADJO: If you don’t like color on your lips, don’t worry! Get “ADJO” it can be worn alone or as a topper to give dat glossy look.


ABLA: This buildable perfect nude gloss has a rich brown undertone that allows this gloss to have some dimension pair with a brown lip liner or your fave nude lipstick for the perfect combo!


AKOU: Will definitely give you some spring/summer vibes…ROSE isn’t JUST a color it’s an attitude.


AYAWA: Level up your lip gloss collection today by adding “AYAWA” to the list of your new go to berry tones glosses to wear! The perfect color for THURSDAY


AFI: On FRIDAY we wear “AFI”
Definitely the color to start the weekend with a mix of purple & dark red if you’re a fan of darker shades that color is for you.


AMÈLÈ: For SATURDAY you will definitely need “AMÉLÉ” a rich red glossy color you never had & absolutely need!


AKOSSIWA: It’s SUNDAY & also “AKOSSIWA” Day not that it’s one of our CEO’s favorite color in this collection bt also stands for Royalty, simply the QUEEN = La Reine our Lip Lustre gloss Akossiwa has golden pigments with a warm tone of brown/nude which makes the lips appear fuller.


All our glosses are vegan, non-sticky super stunning finish

* Non transfering (6 hours)
* Non-sticky
* Hydrating and Soothing Lips
* High Gloss Finish
* Coconut Fragrance
* Contains Vitamin E
* Cruelty Free

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